Origin of the brand

ELOV (FRANCE) INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMTRED (Chinese transliteration: French romi INTERNATIONAL cosmetics GROUP) is a French patriotic overseas Chinese zhang founded in Paris in 1985 to start, the French famous ANDRE FANTINE FLANE institute of biomedical beauty and L.N SKIN RESEARCH CENTER (heart) in SKIN of "natural" RESEARCH professor arcade for GROUP technical director. Has advanced scientific research and strong production capacity, after 20 years of wind and rain, the group has formed genetic recombination Cenozoic professional repair cure skin care efficacy, nano high-tech plant elements and biochemical technology and other products series, product popular in Europe and the United States, also favored by south Korean and Japanese consumers.

Brand culture

Love of the motherland, Dr Zhang has been paying attention to the development of the motherland the beauty industry. For round its patriotic complex, zhang take advantage of China's accession to the WTO in 2001, choose "guangzhou" almost at the Chinese market, in order to "ELOV Chinese transliteration of" beauty of "dew" registered "guangzhou in accordance with the beauty cosmetics co., LTD., and acquisition and influential in the Chinese market effective cosmetics brand" royal snow, the owner, in accordance with the romi, then, day d. ", for the development of the Oriental beauty career took a historic first step. Zhang foresight, the breakthrough of the traditional investment patterns, not "foreign" and "joint venture" reputation, innovation to launch a more up-to-date, complete localization strategy, give priority to with "technology investment", in accordance with the dew of guangzhou beauty cosmetics co., LTD., for a full range of technical support and assist, wide state company funds, manpower and management locally and democracy.

Brand strength

ELOV (FRANCE), the company relies on high-quality scientific research personnel, strong technical strength, strong production capacity, promote brand image construction, now has the owner, according to Dr Romi, snow, snow, beautiful manor, li hong, bang engenders beauty, soft, beautiful yan, and other well-known brands. Companies across the country started large-scale brand promotion and product promotion, made in accordance with the romi products "international brand, domestic prices" of great strength. Let the brand thorough popular feeling, widely trusted. Products not only by the vast number of domestic consumers, but also exported to Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions. Look to the future, in accordance with the romi companies still adhere to the "attaches great importance to the interests of the partners" and "reciprocal benefit mutual benefit and common development" business purposes, keep the sincere cooperation with global partners, ingenious, grasp business opportunities, create a greater profit space.