Yilumei International Beauty Research Center

Led by France's ilumet International Group, the ilumet International Beauty Research Center is composed of the famous French Andre Fantine biomedical Beauty Research Institute and L.n skin research center's "natural skin" research center. At the beginning of 2001, the research center used a large number of professional high-tech methods to conduct rigorous research on the skin of thousands of Asian women, deeply understand the special life mechanism of skin, explore the characteristics of various skin problems, as well as the harm of various environments to skin, taking into account different skin care needs. We should better combine the international innovative technology with the reality of China's market, so as to realize the application of international beauty leading technology.

Yilumei Group believes that quality is produced, not detected. Based on this quality management concept, we have introduced advanced testing equipment of production line in Guangzhou yilumei production base. At the same time, French yilumei group also supervises all aspects of the production process, further improves the technical gold content of the group's products, realizes the internationalization of the group's product quality standards, and implements the product internal inspection standards far higher than the national standards. So as to realize the sustainable, steady and healthy development of elume international group.