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The root cause of skin aging is the lack of water in the skin. Otherwise, how could there be

 the truth that "women are made of water"! When the surface of the skin is the corner

When the moisture content of the qualitative layer reaches 15-25%, the skin will not only

 be soft and smooth without fine lines, but also full of elasticity in the hand.


A popular science article in Japan restores the appearance changes of women in

 every age group, in short:

When a woman is short of water, she immediately looks 10 years old!




Different types of skin, skin with sufficient moisture will greatly

 improve skin quality


★Mature skin: Adequate moisture can make the cells that enter the mature period, the 

metabolism slow down, and the aging cells are moisturized, plumped, and restored

Tight and smooth, delay aging and wrinkles.

★Acne skin: It needs water to regulate the secretion of hormones in the human body and

 keep it in a normal state. Water replenishment is beneficial to resist external thorns.

Acute, control the occurrence of acne.

★Sensitive skin: Keep enough moisture in the skin cells to prevent dullness 

and loss of luster.

★Rough skin: Long-term moisturizing can make the subcutaneous fat 

become "semi-liquid", improve the enlarged pores, and make the skin moist, 

soft and elastic.


Care methods for different skin types should be focused


    Oily skin

Glossy face can't be described better, especially on the sides of the nose, the pores are also thicker.

 Thoroughly clean and protect  Wetness is the correct maintenance for oily skin.Oily skin chooses 

moisturizing products, it is best to choose fresh texture and oil-free  It is a product that also has a 

 highly moisturizing effect. With a strong hydrophilic hyaluronic acid emulsion, moisturizing gel, 

spray mineral  Spring water or lotion, then wipe it with moisturizing gel,products containing tea

tree oil can remove excess oil on the skin surface  Lipid, achieve anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, 

 and treat acne effects.


Neutral skin

Normal skin is an ideal type of skin. The skin condition is stable and the ratio of oil and water

 is balanced. The pores are small and the texture is fine,The skin is smooth, moisturized and

 elastic, and the surface is not rough or sticky. Because the skin is in good condition, it is easy

 to neglect skin care. In fact, this type of   Skin hydration is also important, otherwise no matte how good the skin is, it will age. The lotion can be moisturizing, moisturizing and moisturizing. 

Facial mask  Suitable for all kinds of fruit and vegetable facial masks.


Dry skin

Dry skin has small pores, almost invisible, fine texture, dry and dull skin, lack of delicate

 feeling. The skin feels tight after cleaning, It is easy to age, easy to grow dark spots and 

fine wrinkles, but not easy to grow acne. Moisturizing focus, face cream. Dry skin

 dehydrationis the most obvious,Skin tends to form fine wrinkles in dry autumn. The use

 of oily moisturizing products will have a good moisturizing effect (moisturizing cream, protector

Wet lotion). In addition to moisturizing, apply more. Moisturizers and essences with high moisturizing

 ingredients. Use every 2~3 days with moisturizing Apply a more sexual mask to your face once.



At the same time, the intake of moisture and moisturizing inside the body and the external environment are also 

very important. Moisturizing and moisturizing requires comprehensive attention.


Inside the body, the daily intake of water (boiled water, purified water) is at least

 about 2000Ml, while ensuring adequate sleep.

The external environment is coming in the hot summer. The air-conditioning in the office is generally about 15 degrees lower than the outdoor temperature on average.

Try to minimize the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor. If the temperature of the air-conditioning is adjustable, 

please control it at about 24 degrees Celsius. Don't think air

The humidifier is only used in winter. At this time, in order to maintain the humidity in

 the indoor air and avoid excessive drying of the skin, you can

Place a small humidifier on the bedside or desk to meet the humidity of the

 external environment.


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